For Digital Dentistry by Cybermed
Our 3D printer enables all dentists and staffs to
easily access digital dentistry, setting itself apart from the
general industrial 3D printers currently available.
For Digital Dentistry,
OnDemand3D 4K Printer
  • OnDemand3D Printer는 기존에 없던 사용자 편의성과 안정성을 갖춘 덴탈 전용 장비로 기획 및 개발
  • 모든 치과 종사자가 Digital Dentistry로 쉽게 접근할 수 있도록 보다 편리하고 부담없는 3D Printing Solution 제공
  • Fast printing speed
  • High Accuracy
  • Best Digital Solution
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with Various Materials
  • 50μm High Resolution

High Performance 4K, 35μm

Difference between 4K(35μm) vs 2K(50μm)

The OnDemand3D 4K Printer, with its 35μm precision,
enables users to produce more accurate prosthetics.


Clinical acceptability
• The findings of this review support the use of 3D printing for the fabrication of dental models and deem them as clinically acceptable with the majority of included studies (n = 20/28) establishing a clinically acceptable error range of <100 to 500µm. [Etemad-Shahidi, Y., Qallandar, O. B., Evenden, J., Alifui-Segbaya, F., & Ahmed, K. E. (2020). Accuracy of 3-dimensionally printed full-arch dental models: A systematic review. Journal of clinical medicine, 9(10), 3357.]
• It is, however, worth noting the included studies which used orthodontic models [19,34,36,42,46,47,49,50,52,55,57] had more relaxed thresholds for clinical acceptability (up to 500µm), compared to those intended for prosthodontic applications (up to 200µm) [6,51,53]. [Etemad-Shahidi, Y., Qallandar, O. B., Evenden, J., Alifui-Segbaya, F., & Ahmed, K. E. (2020). Accuracy of 3-dimensionally printed full-arch dental models : A systematic review. Journal of clinical medicine, 9(10), 3357.]
• The threshold of clinical acceptability was 200µm. [Shen, Y. R., Chen, H., Ma, K. N., & Sun, Y. C. (2021). Quantitative evaluation of printing accuracy of multi-color and multi-hardness three-dimensional printing dental model with photopolymer jetting. Zhonghua kou Qiang yi xue za zhi= Zhonghua Kouqiang Yixue Zazhi= Chinese Journal of Stomatology, 56(7), 652-658.]

Eliminates the smell of volatile organic
compounds! For users and the environment​

Total volatile organic compound (TVOC)
filtering system ​

It has a TVOC emission result of 4.223mg/h, which is lower than
the US Green Guard standard for office spaces and reduces TVOC emissions by over 98%
when compared to equipment without a conventional filter.​

Faster printing speed​

Auto calibration

The calibration process, which can be cumbersome for users,
is taken care of automatically by the pressure sensor

  • If the pressure sensor is not applied
    If the pressure sensor is not applied, continuous pressure is applied to the LCD to maintain its initial horizontal position, which increases the likelihood of the LCD cracking.

  • Applying the pressure sensor
    Applying the pressure sensor allows the printer to automatically detect its own horizontal position, preventing the LCD from cracking.

Easy printing even for beginners

The pressure sensor is installed on the plate rather than the LCD screen, and is designed to detect any resistance on the plate. Once detected, the sensor immediately recognizes the location and either stops or starts the printing process accordingly.

Our printer is designed to automatically detect changes in the starting position caused by foreign substances sticking to the LCD screen or changes in the thickness of the film on the resin tank. This automatic recognition feature prevents the LCD from breaking and reduces the risk of failed initial prints, making it easy for anyone to use.

Experience high-quality dental prosthetics with
the user-friendly design and
advanced features of our OnDemand3D 4K Printer.

Easy touch screen
  • You can easily operate the printer using a touch screen interface.
A 4K-exclusive remover
  • With our dedicated remover, you can easily and quickly remove prints without any resin spills or mess.

    The one-touch removal and the use of a specialized plate enhances the adhesion of the prints and increases stability.
Wide plate
  • The plate size is large and wide at 140 x 95 x 150mm. Many design outputs are possible.

    Up to 70 single crowns can be printed.
Clean tank
  • To enable longer use of the tank film, one layer of the bottom front is reinforced to allow for easy removal of any remaining residues in the tank.
Auto temperature control device
  • Dedicated to the automatic temperature control system, it is possible to maintain and set the optimal internal temperature.

    This improves the flow and success rate of resin printing.
UV Light Power Stability
  • When installed in the place of use, it is possible to easily check the supply voltage of each building and adjust the current supplied to the UV LED.

Diverse material compatibility

The printer is compatible with various materials such as implant surgery guide stents,
temporary teeth, models, clear aligner molds, clear aligners, and dental bases.

OnDemand3D 4K Printer

제품스펙 구분 사양
Type 4K LCD 6.6 in(Monochrome)
X-Y Resolution 4098 X 2560 (35 um)
Building Size 10 um ~ 100 um
Light Source 140 mm X 90 mm
Build Plate Type 405 nm arrayed LED / 100 w
Machine Dimension W 300mm D 320mm H 420mm
Heating Auto Heating Chamber / Air cleaning filter
Weight 15kg
Power AC 210~230, 700W

Service Quality

Cybermed's 3D printing experts are certified by the Korean government and
have received training from EOS, a German 3D printing company.
We have acquired technical expertise through training from
leading overseas 3D printing companies such as DWS in Italy,
and strive for professional and dedicated service as our top priority.