• Digital Implant Surgery Device

    This is a digital implant surgery device made based on a digital surgery plan using CT imaging and 3D imaging software.

  • Accurate and Stable Surgery

    You can receive accurate and stable implant surgery, including information about the perfect implant location for your oral condition.

  • In2Guide™ is the first implant surgical guide developed in Korea, using the internationally recognized OnDemand3D™ software, which allows for a wider range of clinical applications
  • The advanced 3D technology plans implant surgery to provide easy and safe surgery. The surgery can be performed stably with implant placement in the planned location, and it provides comfort to the patient with a short recovery period.

    In addition, In2Guide™ software has a library of over 100 multinational implant manufacturers, allowing for simulation of surgery using various implants and production of surgical guides.
  • It was produced under ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality management systems and has been certified by the FDA (USA), CE (Europe), KFDA (Korea), and CFDA (China).

Incisionless Procedure of In2Guide

In contrast to conventional implant surgery that requires incisions, In2guide implant surgery does not require gum incisions, so there is less swelling and bleeding, resulting in almost no pain and a faster recovery with a lower risk of inflammation and infection.

From In2GuideTM diagnosis to surgery

Implant Surgery Plan
  • Using In2Guide™ 3D image software, the responsible dentist establishes an implant surgery plan
Patient CT Scan
  • To establish a diagnosis and surgery plan, the patient undergoes a CT scan.
Production of Surgical Guide
  • A surgical guide including implant placement direction and location information is produced based on the responsible dentist’s surgery plan.
Implant Surgery
  • Accurate and stable surgery is performed using the produced surgical guide.
prosthesis placement
  • Prosthetic Placement Implant surgery using the guide allows immediate fixation of the upper structure and temporary teeth, providing immediate prosthetic placement.